You’re probably wondering what exactly we do; how we actually help you make more money and body slam the competition. In a nutshell: we give your business a personality and build YOUR COMPANY a massive email list of homeowners in your area and communicate with them using a bold and memorable voice. 


**We build your list—not buy, we don’t buy leads like HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List… we build a UNIQUE list for your company only.


Each week, we’ll craft some of the juiciest, most entertaining, and informative newsletters and send ’em out until we convert 10% of your list into paying customers. 

What Else Can You Do With A Huge Email List?

You can’t close what’s not there. Get all your prospects in one place at the same time and send them weekly emails to nurture them into paying customers. How else can you communicate with people you’ve never met? You can’t. Email is the only way… but there’s a strategy we use to actually make them want to hear from you all the time. You can’t just ask someone: “Hey! Sign up for my email list! K?” Nah, don’t work like that…

Not sure if you’ve heard the big news, but Apple is cracking down on privacy and platforms like Facebook and Google are losing out on all that data they used to use in order to help us marketers build effective campaigns. But with your OWN data, your email list, you can upload that list to social platforms for retargeting and advertising purposes.

We all know that the only way to get people to buy things from us is to get them to trust us. Well, getting a stranger to trust you is very hard, right? Most people depend on referrals. But what happens when those referrals slow down? You’ll need a tool and some material. That tool is your email list, and that material are weekly newsletters. The only way to get a stranger to trust us is to let them get to know us, and that generally takes a certain amount of “touchpoints” before people begin to psychologically accept our messaging, and we can only do that if we email them every single week. An email list is the greatest way to get those 8+ touchpoints (says science). However, we recommend far more than eight touchpoints. We recommend a minimum of twenty.

Pool builders aren’t cool. Plumbing isn’t fun. Pergolas don’t get you excited. A new roof isn’t like a new pair of shoes. Look, the point is, the services you provide are mostly a necessity, or close to it. Therefore, we need to make you COOL and give your company a voice NOBODY will forget. The only way to do this PERFECTLY is by email.

Got a special you want your entire list to know about? Great. All you have to do is craft an insanely awesome email and click “send.” But you can only do that if you have an email list.

Since Apple has said bye-bye to retargeting, we had to get creative in order to show our prospects more ads, and the ONLY way to do this is by uploading your leads to their platforms and running campaigns to that audience.

What better way to get referrals than your email list? Sure, the recipient may not have a problem they need fixed at that moment, but perhaps their friend does, or their neighbor. Point is, you have a better chance of getting in the world of your potential customers the bigger your list is, and the more often you communicate with them effectively. It’s also a great way to promote referral programs already in place or create one from scratch.

We have a four-step process

Our system is quite simple. The simpler, the better, always.

C1 (1)

Our goal is to convert 10% of your email list into paying customers. Imagine an email list of 100,000 (that’s a lot, but doable), and let’s say your average customer sale is $5,000…

We would aim to convert 10% of your list WITHIN one year!

That’s 10,000 x $5,000

 = $50,000,000.

Granted that is a best-case scenario, but it’s real. Just depends on how aggressive you want to be with your list-building. The best part is our cost is a fraction of the revenue we generate.