How to make your business show up on Google search

Ranking your business on search engines with effective SEO

People fail at SEO–getting your website or your business to show up on search results–constantly. Even we had it wrong till we got it right. Here are the three things you need to do in order for your business to show up on google searches.

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The 3 things you need:

The most important part of SEO is what most people do the least of.

Backlinks are the hardest part of SEO. What this means is no matter how many great blog posts you write about SEO-friendly topics, if you don’t have big and authoritative websites linking from their site to your blog post, your post won’t show up on Google.


Essentially, you need to run a Public Relations campaign for every blog post you write, and not write so many blog posts that you have no time to properly promote each one individually.

What most people do is write way too many blog posts

What you shouldn’t do is waste time, and that’s exactly what you’re doing when you spend your time or money to hire contractors or tell employees to write blog posts so that you rank. This is true with any marketing activity. Don’t post to Instagram unless you know exactly why.


Don’t create a TikTok account unless you can accurately describe what the game plan is. To do this because you think it has to get done is how you will exhaust your team. Us marketers hate doing benign shit that leads nowhere.


As previously stated, the only way a blog post will rank is if many other websites are signaling to Google that it is indeed a great post, and the only signal Google is looking for is if other people are linking to that post. If nobody is linking to that post, no matter how much keyword-research you do, it won’t work.

What if other sites link to your homepage, will that help your blog?

Not really, and this is very important because most people fuck this up. Just because one page of your website is popular doesn’t mean any new blog you write will trail behind. If you cook a great potroast and everyone is talking about it, does it mean they will talk about your recipe for how to make shrimp gumbo? No. Not until people actually taste it and go around telling people that not only can this son of a bitch make a mean pot roast, but the gumbo is equally awesome.


This is how Google treats your website. Every single page and every post is like a mini website within a bigger website, and if one part of it gets popular, ONLY that one part reaps the benefits in its entirety. Yes, SOME people will say… well, if the pot roast is that good, so much the gumbo. But it’s not most people. It’s not a winning strategy. You have to publicize every page or post individually.

So what does this mean? I don't need the other stuff?

No, you do need it. You need one person on each of the three prongs of SEO. AND THEY CANNOT BE THE SAME PERSON. You need a person making sure there are no technical problems with your website structure (the interior architecture), you need another person researching about what to write about. You then need a person to actually write the post. And simultaneously, a person to be the publicist of each post and page of the site.


So you need FOUR PEOPLE total to have a functioning SEO department. And that is what most people mess up on. They hire one person to write “SEO posts” and then wonder why it isn’t working.

You might be thinking: well that's four people. That'll cost too much to hire.

This is exactly why so many people fail: they are not properly capitalized to make an adequate investment in their SEO operations. Either do it or don’t. Don’t do it shitty, there’s absolutely no point.


To go into the content structure needed, what a technically-sound website should adhere to, as well as strategies for researching post ideas and backlinking methods is far too exhaustive for a blog post. And I don’t think you really want to read about it anyhow.


If you’d like more info, you can always reach out to us and we’d be happy to chat.

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